Step One - Plan Design & Location: At Havenhill Homes we believe that the time we spend together up front determining the location and designing of your new home, is just as valuable as the time spent building the structure. During this initial meeting we’ll listen to your needs and desires concerning the location and design of your new home. We ask questions about your lifestyle and how you plan to live in your home. This allows us to work with you to select or design a floor plan that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our goal is to build your home so that reflects your lifestyle. If we don’t have a plan that suits your lifestyle, then we’ll work with you to have home plans drawn based on your desires and input. Regardless of whether you choose one of our plans, your own, or start from scratch, we’ll go through the process together of reviewing and revising your home plans to get the design to your exact specifications.


In addition, during this initial meeting, assuming you do not have a location already determined, we’ll discuss the elements critical to selecting the perfect lot for you. This discussion will include: the security of the community, school districts, amenities, design guidelines, HOA restrictions, lot size and dimension requirements, lot topography, and how all these factors will affect the design and construction of the home. Once your lot desires and needs have been determined, our land expertise can assist you in locating and reviewing those lots meeting your criteria.

Step Two - Writing the Contract: While we finalize your floor plan we will also learn about the interior fits and finishes you are looking for. This will help us establish allowances that will fit your budget and meet your needs when shopping for flooring, lighting, shelving, etc. Once the home plan is finalized and your lot is selected, we will submit the plans to our team of subcontractors and provide you with a budget to complete your home. Following your review and approval of the finalized plans and construction budget, a construction contract and specification sheets will be prepared. At the time you sign the contract, we will collect a deposit check. The amount of the deposit will go toward your down payment and closing costs when you close on the new home.

Step Three - Customization: Following the finalization of the contract, we will schedule our first appointment to review selection items. The first selection decisions are doors and windows and exterior colors and materials. Then we quickly move into interior selections such as flooring and cabinets. We will give you a timeline for the various selection options that need to be made throughout the building process. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way during the selection process. Appointments are scheduled with our preferred suppliers and we will attend the meetings with you to make sure all your questions are answered and you get the selections you desire.

hh_constuction_image_2.jpgIt is very important that selections are made on time in order to keep the home’s construction schedule on track. If you choose optional or upgraded selections during the construction process, we will create a change order and we will keep your contract price current throughout the new construction process so there are no surprises when we get to your closing. Once you’ve obtained loan approval and made all your selections, it is time to enjoy watching our home being built. Feel free to take pictures. Contact us with any questions along the way and make sure you take time to enjoy your experience, while we build your dream home. 



The building of your new home is a complex process and Havenhill Homes partners with top level professionals to construct the highest quality homes. Havenhill employees work extremely hard to oversee the subcontractor’s work and put all the finishing touches together that turn the structure into your dream home. Below is a summary of the major components of the construction process:

Step One - Foundation: Once the permit has been obtained from the applicable municipal authority, the site is staked out and the foundation is excavated. The footings and foundation will then be poured and set. The plumbers will complete under floor plumbing and the foundation is waterproofed. The foundation is then backfilled and the basement and garage floors are poured. As with every step in the construction process of your home, a Havenhill employee and a city inspector will inspect your home to ensure quality construction.

Step Two - Frame: Once the foundation and floors are complete, the framers are ready to build the skeletal system of your new home. They will start from the bottom, placing the floor joists, then stand the walls and attach the trusses which are part of the roofing system. Next they will sheet the roof. The windows and doors will then be installed. All mechanical rough-ins will be completed during this stage. Again, inspections by both Havenhill and the city inspectors are required before this process is complete.

hh_constuction_image_3.jpgStep Three A - Interior Finish: Once your new home has passed the inspections following the framing stage, it is time to finish the interior. This includes insulation and going through the drywall process, which includes hanging the drywall, taping and sanding the seams and corners and texturing your ceiling and walls. Drywalls are then ready to be primed. After priming, the hard surfaces such as hardwood and ceramic are installed. Next is the finish carpentry, which includes installing doors, trim, moldings and shelves. Interior paint follows the finish carpentry. Soon thereafter, the cabinets and countertops will be installed. Carpet and the final coat on the wood floors, if applicable, will complete the home. The new house has final touchups and a thorough cleaning. The Havenhill Team will spend 1-2 weeks in your new home at the end of the new construction process to perfect all the finishing details. 

Step Three B - Exterior Finish: At the same time that the interior of your new home is undergoing a transformation from frame to finish, the exterior of your new home is being finished too. This process includes felting and shingling the roof, application of all siding, stucco and masonry work, final grading of your new home site, and installation of landscaping and fencing. 


Step One - Walk Through: About four weeks before your dream home is complete, a Havenhill employee will contact you with instructions on changing over the utilities and to confirm your walk through and closing dates. 

Before your closing, we will walk through your new home with you. Our walk through is a thorough orientation of your new home, which includes instructions on all mechanicals and what to expect in terms of maintenance of your new home. 

If you have any questions, we’ll be available to answer those as well. This is an opportunity for the Havenhill Team to present your beautiful new home to you in pristine condition.

hh_constuction_image_5.jpgStep Two - Closing: On or before the date your contract specifies for your closing, we will meet with your bank representative to complete the purchase of your new home. This is where you will sign all documents pertaining to the loan closing. At the end of the closing you will receive the keys and garage door openers and the dream home is officially yours. 

Move in and enjoy your new Havenhill Home, and feel comfortable knowing that Havenhill’s commitment to quality homes and you is just beginning. Our employees are service oriented and ready to help you with any issues you may run across. We will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns in the future!